Decking Ideas That Will Transform Your Outdoor Spaces

Posted on: 6 October 2022

Has the time come for you to adapt your outdoor spaces? One easy way to add a defined area to your garden is by installing decking. But before you take the plunge, it's worth exploring some ideas that'll make your efforts even more satisfying. 

Built-in Planters

Built-in planters can serve a range of purposes when it comes to creating a decked area. For example, if you want a space that's serene, add your favourite flowers and enjoy being surrounded by them while you bask on your decking. Or, you can make a positive contribution to the local environment by growing local wildflowers in your planters. In doing so, you'll attract local bees and other creatures that are essential for your area's ecosystem. Another useful idea is to create a herb garden so that activities such as cooking and barbecuing become even more flavourful.

Floor-Level Lighting

Floor-level lighting can create a nighttime ambience that you'll love if you're hosting friends outdoors in the evening. It also brings a modern appearance to your garden and allows it to look high-end. From a safety perspective, low-level lighting also makes it easier for you to walk on your decking at night without falling over. If you want to take an eco-friendly approach, try adding lighting that runs from solar power only. That way, you'll save on your energy bills and can avoid environmental harm.

Try Composite Decking

If you're the type of owner who prefers to make modifications that last, composite is the way forward. It has a longer shelf-life than wood. It also maintains its appearance for longer, so you know that the way it looks now is likely to be the way it looks in years to come. Safety-wise, composite is less likely to attract algae. As algae can become a major slip hazard and it isn't always easy to see, it's important to keep it away. Composite is easier to clean than other materials, so it doesn't need as much upkeep. 

Aim for Wraparound

Decking that wraps around another space is ideal when you're working with a small garden. It won't leave other areas looking redundant, and it allows you to achieve your aim without waste. If you're going to choose a wraparound structure, focus on areas that are easy to access like parts of your garden that doors open out onto. You may also want to base the location on whether it faces the sun or some of your garden's more aesthetically-pleasing areas. 

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