Should you try t-shirt screenprinting?

Posted on: 2 December 2021

If you have ever hosted a charity day or any group event, you may have considered hiring a t-shirt screenprinting service. There are many benefits to t-shirt screenprinting, but it can sometimes seem like a confusing process if you have never tried it before. Often, people can be deterred from getting started with t-shirt screenprinting because they don't understand what's involved in the process. If you are wary of using t-shirt screenprinting, here are three things to check to ensure that you achieve the perfect results that you need.

Will it benefit your event? 

Not all events can benefit from t-shirt screenprinting. One of the first considerations will be whether people will see the t-shirts. If the t-shirts are likely to be covered by other clothing or obscured by something else, there is little point in investing in custom-made t-shirts. However, for a charity run, any team events or simple days out, t-shirt screenprinting can provide the ideal advertising solution. It will allow visitors to identify people involved in the event. They can tell who is on which team and who they can trust to guide them to the right place.

Do you have the right design? 

For t-shirt screenprinting to be effective, you must have the right design. Think carefully about what you want it to say. Do you want to include images or just text in your design? One thing to consider is that not everyone will be standing next to you when they see the t-shirt. The t-shirt must be legible from a distance, which means using clear fonts and non-cluttered pictures. It also means that both words and images must be large enough to be seen at a distance. If you want help with your design, talk to the t-shirt screenprinting company, they should be able to offer some guidance, and perhaps assist you with the design process.

Do you have the right colours? 

T-shirt screenprinting can be completed on t-shirts in many colours, but not all t-shirt colours will be great for your design. When making your plans, consider how the colours your will be using on your design will look on t-shirts of different colours. If possible, ask to see examples of designs on different t-shirt colours so you can gauge how effective your design is. You don't want to risk a serious colour clash or printing t-shirts that can't be read clearly.

With planning, t-shirt screenprinting can be highly effective. It provides a way of not only making your event more fun but also keeping it in the public consciousness as people will wear their t-shirts after the event. Contact a t-shirt screenprinting service near you to learn more.


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