3 Benefits of Using Powder-Coated Frames on Outdoor Roller Blinds

Posted on: 28 April 2022

While you might spend some time choosing the right material for outdoor roller blinds, don't forget about the system's supporting structure. Frames, channels and cassettes will also be exposed to external weather conditions and environmental factors.

It's worth looking at using a powder-coated system here. What are the benefits of powder coating the metal parts of your outdoor roller blinds?

1. Get Longer-Lasting Blinds

If your outdoor blinds sit on metal supports, then you should think about how well your system will work in the open. It might be exposed to rain, humidity and moisture. If the metal in your system does not have good corrosion resistance, then it could rust.

Rusty metal looks less attractive. Rust also weakens the metal. In the worst case scenario, a rusted support, frame or cassette might break or stop working correctly.

If you use metals that are naturally corrosion resistant, like aluminium, then you reduce the chances of damage in the future. If you take an extra step and have your structure powder-coated, then you get maximum protection.

Powder coats add an additional protective covering to metals. They prevent the metal from getting wet at all. So, corrosion shouldn't be a problem.

Plus, powder-coated metals are stronger than bare metals. An extra protective coat helps cushion the underlying metal from damage. These coats are also resilient. They shouldn't chip, crack or peel off. Your blinds will last longer and look good for years to come.

2. Get a Low Maintenance Solution

Untreated steel blind supports might need some work as they age. For example, you might need to clean them regularly to get rid of dirt, water stains and marks. You have to find a way to clean the metal effectively without doing any damage to it.

Plus, if you have rust problems, then you have a bigger job on your hands. To prevent rust causing permanent damage to the metal, you'll have to find a safe way to remove it and restore the surface.

This all takes time and effort. You'll probably spend a fair amount on cleaning products and repair materials.

Powder-coated steel looks after itself. The powder coating protects the metal from cosmetic or structural damage. Plus, the coating itself isn't likely to need much maintenance work. You simply need to clean it every now and then.

3. Colour Match Your Blinds to Your Home

If you don't like the look of metal, then powder-coated blind systems give you more design options. Powder coatings come in a range of colours and effects. So, you can make your blinds match the colour of your home. Or, you can make them stand out as feature pieces by choosing different colours.

To find out more, contact outdoor roller blinds suppliers or manufacturers.


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