Planning a Seaside Home? Why You Need to Choose the Right Type of Grass

Posted on: 29 October 2020

Did you know that more than 85% of Australians reside within 50 km of the ocean? If you're a water lover, you may be planning to join them and want to build a new property as close to the seaside as possible. Yet as you landscape your new home, you need to choose the right type of lawn so that it cannot just survive but flourish in such an environment. What type of product should you choose?

Close to Nature

If your dream is to wake up in the morning to the sound of waves crashing against the shore, then you will certainly be in paradise. However, you will also face some demanding environmental conditions and will certainly need to plant the right species of grass.

Seaside Challenges

In particular, the grass will need to be very resistant to salt. You can expect windy conditions throughout the year, and more often than not, the breeze will blow in from the ocean and carry a tremendous amount of salt onto your land.

As the wind may be strong, it will dry out the soil. Further, this issue may be exacerbated by low levels of rainfall. Consequently, your grass will need to be resistant to salt and have low water requirements if it is going to survive at all.

A spot like this which is right next to the beach may tend to be rather barren when it comes to tree cover. Therefore, you need to choose a grass that can deal with exposure to the sun for long hours during each day as well.

Perfect Choices

Thankfully, you do have options: zoysia and buffalo grass. The former is a native grass that requires much less watering than most. It retains its colour throughout the year and is very salt-tolerant. Consequently, it should thrive in your beachside environment.

Buffalo grass is also very tolerant and toughened, and it needs little maintenance. It works well in full sunlight and can deal with heavy traffic too. Consequently, if you have children or pets who love to play outdoors, this type of grass will repair itself efficiently.

Do remember, though, that you will have to pay close attention to this turf when you first install and until it becomes well-established.

Further Questions

If you have any other questions before you make your choice of what type of lawn to get, talk with a landscaping contractor or turf supply company for their advice.


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