The Benefits Of Wheelchair Lifts Over Ramps For Your Business

Posted on: 28 August 2020

When it comes to being accessible, the number one thing most businesses consider is a ramp for wheelchair users. Of course, it is right to be considerate of those in a wheelchair, but there are other options out there apart from ramps. In many cases ramps simply are not feasible for your situation, which is why wheelchair lifts are starting to grow in popularity. If you are considering ramps, then here are a few reasons why you should perhaps switch your thinking over to wheelchair lifts instead.


The number one benefit wheelchair lifts give you over ramps is the amount of room used. Space is at a premium in many places, particularly in the cities where most Australians live. Sometimes businesses simply do not have the room to install a ramp, and in those cases, lifts are the only real option. Lifts can take up less space than a ramp can and complete the exact same function. Before you start planning out the addition of a ramp, you need to consider just how much this will impact your floorplan and consider whether or not it is actually possible. 


Many ramps have at least one corner in them to accommodate the incline in a very gradual manner. While this is all well and good, it also means that going up or down a ramp takes quite a lot of time and effort. A wheelchair lift takes but a fraction of the same amount of exertion and gets you to the same place. Many wheelchair users actually prefer lifts for this very reason: sometimes you don't want to spend all that effort just to get in and out of a shop. You might possibly lose customers who feel this same way, which is why wheelchair lifts should be your first choice. 


While neither option is cheap, there is a marked difference in how much it can cost to install a large ramp (or multiple ramps if you have several entrances) compared to a regular wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts can start at just a few thousand dollars, and ramps can run more than twice that and more, especially when you factor in the labour costs. While wheelchair lifts do need regular servicing, this is not that expensive and can also be covered under warranty for a few years. If your finances are a key part of the conversation then wheelchair lifts are the definite winner.

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