3 Things You Have To Remember To Plan For Your Wedding

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Getting married is an exceptionally exciting time in anyone's life, and you want to make sure you enjoy the experience as much as possible. From planning the wedding to getting the most opulent honeymoon package, there are some very exciting things you get to organise when planning your nuptials. However, often in the planning phase, people tend to focus more on these big-ticket items and forget the smaller, logistical elements that make any wedding run smoothly. If you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, there are some things you have to remember to investigate and book before the big day arrives and here are three areas to start off with.

1. Wedding Hire

Wedding hire is a very broad term, but it generally refers to companies that rent out equipment for weddings and receptions. Of course, some things are very obvious, and you would never forget to hire them, like a sound system, dance floor and the food services. But what many people spend less time organising is the minor details that you need from your wedding hire place including:

  • Chairs and tables: you want to get enough so that you have extras in case there are some last-minute changes to the guest list. You also need to have decorative tablecloths and place settings that fit the theme of your wedding (colour, design and prominence) 
  • Marquee: if your wedding ceremony is held outside, you need to have shelter nearby in case of an emergency and as a place for the guests to wait and mingle beforehand. 
  • Staging hire: if you plan on having speeches or musicians playing, then some staging hire can create a simple raised platform so that everyone can see and hear you
  • Effects machines: if you intend on having people dance, then there is no better way to encourage them than with effects machines and lights
  • Heaters: if your wedding is being held in winter or in a cold area, then heaters that can keep your guests warm are a must.

These are just a few of the things that you get from wedding hire, and you need to consider all of them long before your big day.

2. Toilet Hire

Probably the last thing on your mind when organising your wedding is whether or not there will be adequate bathroom facilities, but this is something you absolutely cannot avoid. While no one will notice if there are a good number of bathrooms available, everyone will notice if there are too few bathrooms ready for use. You don't want anyone to be focusing on the number of toilets that you have at your wedding, so make sure that you take people's minds off this area of the celebration by making sure beforehand that the venue you are going to has enough toilets. If you are going to have a wedding outside, far from any buildings, then you should organise toilets to be there. If the venue you are hosting the reception at doesn't have many bathrooms you should consider hiring extra toilet facilities, depending on your crowd numbers.

3. ​Chauffeur 

In this sense, chauffeurs relate to any transport service that can make sure your guests, many of whom will be inebriated after your joyous event, get home safely after the reception. Ensuring your guests do not have to worry about how they will get home after an event is a very thoughtful move of any host and hostess, and by having a mode of transport for them all, you eliminate this problem. You can get a few taxis, a courtesy bus or even just have the ability to call several ride-sharing cars at the same time. As long as your guests have a way to get safely home, then you have done your job!

For more information, contact a wedding hire service today.


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