Why your land surveyor is a valuable part of your team

Posted on: 12 March 2018

Perhaps you have never really thought about the importance of a land surveyor but if you are considering purchasing a piece of land, or have actually bought something you will soon understand how valuable they can be. It is the land surveyor who will help you gain permission for any building that you want to do on your land. Their work will form the background for your application for all the legal permissions you need before your dreams can become a reality.

How can a land surveyor help your building project?

Before building work can begin on your land you will need to work out exactly what you own. Your property deed will describe the boundaries of your property, but what does that physically look like on the ground? A land surveyor will be able to establish the boundaries of your property so they can be clearly marked. By measuring your site carefully they will be able to ensure that any building on your site takes place in precisely the location that it should. It is important that the location of your building work and your boundaries are properly marked to avoid any legal complications occurring during the building or once the property is occupied.

How will the surveyor operate?

When you talk to your land surveyor you should explain exactly what you need from them. Your surveyor will come to the site and conduct a detailed investigation. He will gather all the topographical information relating to the site and compile it into a report. He will employ a theodolite to measure accurately the vertical and horizontal planes and he will record this information for the report. When the surveyor has collected all the useful site data he will produce a detailed report that provides all of the relevant information in an accessible way. It is this report that you will be able to use to support your applications for building permits.

What happens next?

Following the completion of the survey it is time to begin the process of setting out. Setting out is simply staking out the property to show where the boundaries are and where the building will happen. Usually setting out is the job of your chosen builder although it can also be done by your land surveyor.

Talking to your land surveyor and explaining what you need done, and exactly what you want to accomplish on the site will ensure that they can provide you with the information you need to support your applications and keep your building programme on schedule.


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