Boating Season: Crucial Maintenance Tips for Your Small Outboard Engine

Posted on: 8 January 2018

Proper maintenance of your outboard motor is critical for ideal performance when the boating season begins. If this crucial element is neglected, you will experience significant function-related problems. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage a specialist outboard motor service to examine and tune up your engine. However, if you have some technical ability, you can perform the servicing tasks without much difficulty. Here are practical tips to help you service your outboard motor.

Drain Residue Fuel

If your outboard boat motor was stored before cleaning, you must drain out the old fuel in the tank. Petrol is not a long-lasting fluid; it tends to evaporate over time, leaving an oily residue. If the material is not removed, it will cause the carburettor to get gummed up. To perform this task, you will need to detach the fuel line from the carburettor, turn on the tap and allow the fuel to flow into a container. You can also remove the tank and clean it out completely.

Examine the Spark Plug

The spark plug is a critical component of the outboard boat motor. Therefore, you should assess its health before taking your vessel out into the water. For this task, you will need to take out the part using a socket wrench. If your spark plug is in good condition, it will have grey or brown colour. In some cases, the spark plug might have carbon deposits. Clean the residue off and check the status of the component. Apart from the colour, you should make sure that the sparking gap matches engine's needs.

Clean the Carburettor 

The carburettor is an essential element of your outboard boat motor. Therefore, it must be evaluated and serviced before use. In general, the carburettor is responsible for ensuring that fuel mixes correctly with air for optimal combustion. Unfortunately, the part often becomes clogged when stored incorrectly. If you use the outboard motor without servicing it first, you will experience problems with idling, and the engine will run roughly. You should remove and clean the carburettor for optimal results.

Inspect the Recoil Starter 

You should check the condition of the recoil starter and perform repairs as necessary. Typically, this component in small outboard engines is held down by some bolts. Remove these fasteners and turn over the starter unit. Ideally, the cord should look strong and be free of fraying. You should also assess the springs and bearings and lubricate them for optimal performance.

Outboard motor servicing can be challenging for an inexperienced individual. Therefore, you should consult a qualified professional for assistance.


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