3 Portable Power Options to Consider for Your Homestead Worksite

Posted on: 26 December 2017

When you start building a homestead, you will likely take on a large amount of construction projects. This may turn parts of your homestead into functional worksites. For this reason, you may begin to look at portable power options. Here are three of the portable power options that you may want to consider to help control and monitor the power being used on the worksite. Keep in mind, all three of these options, including transformers, can be hired out for the duration of your project rather than purchased.

Portable Transformers

A portable transformer functions by taking high voltage and reducing it as needed to a lower voltage. This can be greatly beneficial on a homestead worksite where you may be using varying equipment with varying power needs. This means you don't have to worry about a power source for each individual pieces of equipment. A portable transformer will take up less room, allow you more power control, and an option should an emergency power situation occur during your construction project.

Portable Solar Generator

You may find that you are using too much energy on your homestead worksite project. This can be especially true if you are living actively on the homestead site while you work. A power option you may want to consider is a portable solar generator. This option can be cost efficient by avoiding the need to buy fuel for the generator. It can be used to run smaller items or items like small heaters or refrigeration for food that stay at a constant electrical voltage. This will free up larger fuel power generators or portable transformers for other equipment.

Portable Switchroom

If you have a large homestead you are conducting upgrades, renovations, and construction on then you may want to consider a portable switchroom. These are used for larger industrial sites, but may be suitable for your needs if you have a lot of energy requirements from a larger area of homestead land. These switchrooms can give you a housing for switchgear and related electrical equipment for the duration of your construction on your homesteading project.

These are only three of the portable power options that may benefit you on your homestead worksite. If you have specific needs, or a specific construction project, consider a consultation with a transformer supplier. They can help with options that will fit your needs as well as pricing. They can also suggest other options that may be suitable for long-term homesteading upgrades and power solutions, especially for homesteading farms that may become functional farms later. 


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