5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Portable Traffic Lights

Posted on: 7 December 2017

You need to answer several important questions to narrow down your options of portable traffic lights. Below are some critical questions that will help you to select the best portable traffic lights to buy.

How Complex Is The Needed Traffic Phasing?

Consider the locations where you intend to use the portable traffic lights. How complex do you expect the phasing of the traffic to be? For example, the portable traffic lights that will work to direct traffic from three different directions may not need to be as complex as the portable traffic lights that are intended to phase the traffic that is moving in six directions.

What Power Source Is Available?

It may be unwise to buy portable traffic lights that use solar energy if the area of use frequently experiences cloudy conditions. Rechargeable batteries may provide more reliable power in such a location. Select the system whose power requirements match what is practicable where they will be used.

What Footprint Is Required?

Portable traffic lights also vary in terms of their footprint after installation. Select the model that is wide enough to allow unimpeded traffic flow at the sites where you intend to use them. For example, buy the widest model available in case you plan to use the lights in locations where heavy goods vehicles need to pass.

What Are Its Maintenance Requirements?

It is also worthwhile to compare the maintenance requirements of the different portable traffic lights available on the market. Opt for the version with the easiest maintenance requirements so that you will not find it hard to keep those lights working out in the field.

How Much Operator Training Is Needed?

Think about the people who will be operating those portable traffic lights at the different sites where you will use them. How much training will they need to undergo to operate those portable traffic lights properly? It is better to select a model that is so simple that the operators only need to read the user manual to grasp how to use those lights. Alternatively, choose lights that require minimal operator training if it is not possible to rely on the manual alone.

Ultimately, the portable traffic lights that you select should be able to work in the different locations where you operate without developing any performance issues. Enlist the help of an expert during the selection process so that you avoid making a mistake that may compel you to buy replacements within a short time. Click on websites like this to continue reading more about this topic.


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