How To Plan Your Garave Shelving So It Lasts For Decades

Posted on: 7 April 2020

Garages are important spaces not just for keeping your vehicles safe from the elements but also for working on hobbies and, for many people, a place to store important materials. From timber and construction products to family heirlooms and precious antiques, garages are the perfect place to store almost anything. It is dry, cool (because of its location on the ground floor) and easily accessible which makes it perfect to keep almost anything long term. The only barrier preventing this can be storage space, and this is why you need to choose your garage shelving carefully.  

Metal, Metal, Metal

Organising your garage shelving is not the time to start plying your trade as a carpenter. When you are talking about garage shelving, the number one material you need to be searching for is metal, especially when it comes to the supporting frame.  Look for steel, aluminium or other metal alloys that resist corrosion, as the last thing you want is for your brand new garage shelving to turn into a rust bucket within a few years. If you want the actual shelf space to be wood or another strong material, that is fine, the important thing is that the supports and legs (the part of shelving that actually carries the bulk of the weight) is a metal that can handle it long term.

Don't Mix And Match

When creating a cohesive storage space you really should try to streamline it as much as possible. That means sourcing most of your garage shelving from the same store and, if at all possible, by only getting one or two variants. This will be beneficial in a few ways:

  • The installation will be much simpler, as will disassembling it if you ever need to
  • All the shelving will line up exactly right, making it easier to store long or bulky items
  • You will have all the warranty information easily accessible if something goes wrong

In short, it is just much easier to keep all your shelving purchases together.

Anchor It 

The best way to ensure your garage shelving never moves or gets accidentally tipped over is to anchor it to the ground or the interior walls. This can be quite an intensive process and not all garage shelving will lend itself well to this plan, so you should plan your choice of shelving accordingly. All it takes is a few, strong struts at the base or top of your shelving that connect to the floor or wall, and you can rest assured that nothing short of a hurricane will move it out of place for decades to come.


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